When Emma beta-read my novel, she brought to the table a wealth of knowledge and perspective that enabled me to see things in an entirely new light. She caught mistakes I never would have seen, and she suggested things I never would have thought to include and exclude to make my writing more lucid and concise. I plan on having Emma beta-read all of my future works because her work was so exemplary and absolutely of value. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking beta-reading in the realm of fiction most absolutely, but her skills supersede my niche of writing, and she would be able to accommodate most any type of writing for certain. 

Meg D., fantasy author

I started with working with Emma as my editor nearly a year ago. It’s been a wonderful working relationship. Emma responds quickly and offers editorial comments along with her corrections. She has helped me avoid a few missteps through the wrong choice of words. I love our collegial relationship. She is a joy.

Kerry McAvoy, author and blogger

I love working with Emma Robbins. For almost a year now she has been editing and writing articles for our site. During this time, she has never been overdue. And if she may have a busy schedule, then she warns about it at least a week in advance.

You can always discuss working moments with Emma.

Emma always does everything well. If something is not clear to her, then she asks questions; if she does not agree with something, she leaves comments.

Eugene P., coffee blogger

”Emma is very professional with quality work. She was able to get my cover letter back to me with very quick turnaround and worked with me to develop exactly what I needed. She was very clear with reasonable deadlines and expected price points. Would recommend!”

Bekah C.

“Emma’s services are intensely top-notch. I would recommend anyone to her!”

Ethan A.

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